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Welcome to Abhinav school Udaipur

Welcome to The Abhinav School

Abhinav English Medium School, Udaipur
 is an Institution of national importance that provides quality all round education to young boys to develop a sound mind, a robust physique and strong moral values which enable them to become leaders of men, serving the nation.

 is truly a well-equipped facilities centre, where we are having highly qualified well trained staff, Scout/Guide Teacher , Junior Red Cross staff and well trained physical teacher. A team of Laboratory technicians are always ready to impart practical experience of Science , Geography, Geology, Home Science and such other practical subject.

We have an education theatre where they could learns and can easily grasp the difficult content with the help of A.V. aids. The Children are taught through V-set where once they are connected with the toppest indian schools.

An ideal teacher pupil ratio 25:1 make the atmosphere conductive for learning. You may proud of the management, teaching staff, facilities, play grounds, classrooms, library, Laboratory & well Equipped school building.
From Founder Directress Desk
Abhinav Senior Secondary School is being set-up to provide stage to the eligible to show their abilities. For nurturing children in a creative way, a new education system , with less homework and reduce burden of bags is being launched..
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News and Updates
5 April 2013
5 April 2013
5 April 2013
Abhinav School Udaipur.

Successfully Complete The 25 Years.

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